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Tidal — What Will Remain...
Release date : Aug. 11, 2012
Label : Glass Ocean Records
  1. Lost In Thought
  2. Caged Bird
  3. The Light That Blinds
  4. Like The Wind
  5. Beautiful Ugliness
  6. Behind Closed Doors
  7. Can't Turn Away
  8. Rain Dance
  9. Guilt Trip
  10. The Tide
  11. Flowers On The Battlefield

What Will Remain…

Produced by Andrew Francis & Phil Humphreys

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Andrew Francis & Phil Humphreys at The Boneyard Recording Studio, South Wales.











01. Lost In Thought
Until the break of day,
And, the shadows flee away,
I don’t know why, I don’t know why,
I don’t know why
With the pressure your feeling, the walls and the ceiling
Will start closing in around you

I look up to the sky
Still I hear no replies
When will I know, when will I know,
when will I know
The seeds that I’m sewing don’t seem to be growing
Except the shroud that’s grows around you

If I don’t belong,
Say and I’ll be gone,

You’ve got to find your own way to get through
Reach deep inside for the words
Spiralling down from the black to the blue
I’m lost in thought with the words that you cling to

02. Caged Bird
Old, shack, with a zinc roof
Rain, noise, to go to sleep to.
Lie, drained, with tired eyes.
Tuck in and kiss you goodnight.
Sweet, dreams, of better things.
I, smile, as the bird sings.
Look far beyond your confines
For pure untainted mind.

What goes around comes around,
My past should keep my feet down.
There’s no need to stalk the land,
To learn the ways of man.
I’ve been beyond these four walls,
They’re not the be and end all,
I won’t be there to hold your hand,
But with you I will stand.

Oh, don’t you know why the caged bird sings.
I fly with tied wings.
Look what the hard times bring.
I fly with tied wings,
I’ve done my time and I don’t regret a thing.

03. The Light That Blinds
What would you find, If you looked inside your head
Why try to tame,
And put out the flame that burns and turns us on

There must be something you’d do, If there was no tomorrow

I tried to fix you up,
I tried to make you new,
But all I found was there’s nothing inside you.
I know this tunnel’s long,
There’s nothing you can do,
But hide your eyes so the light doesn’t blind you.

When all’s said and done,
A change cannot come too soon
The limits the sky,
So why would you try and aim below the moon

04. Like The Wind
In the dead of night,
Do you hear the voices,
That keeps me restless?
Or are they in my head?
I can’t tell.
Close my eyes and colours stun.
Burn my fingers on the sun.
Just take me home.

In the desert sun,
I see you in the distance,
Calling to me.
No matter how I try,
I can’t reach you.
The blue flower in my hand,
Closes up and turns to sand.
Just take me home.

In daydreams,
I’ve seen,
What its like to live in colour,
I’ll find, my peace of mind,
Then it’s gone, like the wind.

Is this living?
Oh no
Am I giving in?
Oh no
Close my eyes and colours stun,
Burn my fingers on the sun…

05. Beautiful Ugliness
To view the world,
Through stained glass,
To read your face when you’re behind a mask.
The Sun will set, In the west,
Showtime at the circus in my head.
Like a red rose growing in the desert, some things shouldn’t be.
Walk the tightrope to entertain like a jester,
But I don’t want your sympathy.

Colours fade,
To monotone,
My stained glass is broken by a stone.
I cut the leash,
That leads me,
This lifestyle wasn’t meant to be.
“They say you don’t miss the things you’ve never had so,
I can’t help feeling down.”
“I can’t laugh, I can’t even crack a smile.”
Said the weeping clown.

Under the sun,
You’re not the only one.
The circus in my head goes on,
I’ve no tricks to impress,
There’s no crowds to obsess,
With my beautiful, beautiful, beautiful ugliness.

06. Behind Closed Doors
07. Can't Turn Away
These scars remain,
And tell you of my pain.
You heal so well,
It seems but I can’t tell.

Am I the only one, Locked in a daze?
I’m trying to move on, But I can’t turn away.

Looks can deceive,
The world you tried to leave.
Outgrow your skin,
Rise and spread your wings.
I don’t need two guesses,
To know where you are.
You always set me loose,
And know I won’t go far.

08. Rain Dance
There are those that gather to seize the day,
Crop circles ruin willing grain,
Sweat and strive to grow the seed,
And the circles are back again.
In the morning of orange glow,
Sheppard’s warnings you ought to know,
He refines and evolves,
By sending a messenger through the cold.

Oh we dance, to tempt the rain.

The lonesome ray of sun,
Through black clouds pierced open, by the hand of God
Telling the old man and his dog…. To lead the way.

On the tallest hill, around a fire,
The tribesmen dance, and never tire.
Skinny to the bone,
And down to the wire.
The rain brings fruits of their lives,
So the old man points to the sky,
And says to his dog,
“Boy, that’s where the power lies”.

Oh we dance, to tempt the rain.

The lonesome ray of sun,
Through black clouds pierced open, by the hand of God
Telling the old man and his dog…

Fear not.
When its time there’s nothing to say,
So the old blind man just leads the way.

To rely, to feed, too scared to risk the need.
Oh we dance, to tempt the rain.

09. Guilt Trip
Everywhere I look,
All I see, Is your face.
It would be no bother, If I had my own space.
Feeling off-colour,
All I hear,
Are your words.
Other than to start again,
There’s no cure.

Wake from sleep,
Every night the same,
Sitting In the dark,
Your there,
Pointing the finger of shame.
The lights are off,
The sun is down,
But my shadow still follows me around.

Guilt trip,
When will I know,
When I’m ready to go.
Leave with no will to come back.

10. The Tide
If you leave the door ajar, then I’ll be gone,
I tried to part the waves, but I struggled cause the tides too strong.
Don’t try to guess how I’m feeling, cause you don’t have a clue.

My revelation…

You know I moved the earth, just for you,
You knew I’d break my back, trying to do all that you asked me to
Every question has an answer, can you read my mind

My revelation comes with the tide….

What will remain, when the tide comes again?
In the ocean I can confide, and it gives me strength, to push mountains aside.

11. Flowers On The Battlefield
Flowers on the battlefield,
The broken swords to wield,
Do with me what you may.

Desire is the reason why,
You were told to die,
An idea that lead me astray.

Do you want to guess the time,
I’ll spend without sunshine?
I‘ll remember every word.

Father, will you be there,
When I’m on the chair,
Counting the seconds till dark.

Ordered to this place,
With fears to be replaced,
By a focus and strength I can guide.

Oh God, I can’t be sure,
Light flickers under the door,
I’ll get what’s coming to me.

I’ve got a question,
Before I say goodbye…

Could you love me
With integrity?
What if I told you I own the sun?
Could you love me?
With integrity?
I don’t regret what I’ve done.