Times of Change…Long live the Temple


Yo dudes,

You might have noticed we’ve been a little quiet over the last 6 months. In our last update we mentioned that we were on the hunt for a drummer.

The world has changed around us in the last 24 months…Jay-Z launching a music streaming service of the same name…us moving from a four piece to a trio…finding an animal of a new drummer in Joe Stirland…so we felt it a good time to re-brand.

The new name, ‘FALLEN TEMPLES’.

We’ve got new songs in the bag, our outing as Fallen Temples at Sin City was incredible fun and there are plans to record very soon…

For now though, here is a teaser of new song ‘Cut The Wire’ put to footage from the Sin City show courtesy of Taylor Bowden-Parry of wecreate.

Keep your eyes peeled, ears clean and horns at the ready. We’re coming!

Vaughan, Lewis & Stirland


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Drummer Wanted…


Evening all,

It is with regret we announce the news that long standing sticksman Joe Wilkes has left TIDAL. No bust ups or scraps to mention I’m afraid if your looking for some gossip, he’s just decided that it’s time for him to pursue other interests.

So many good times had over the last 7 years, too many gigs to keep any kind of record of, and he drinks like an absolute machine. One of my favourite moments was seeing him wake up the morning after a heavy night at a bikers ball we played in Derby. He slept upright and woke somehow still holding a 3/4 full can of fosters looking like death, but he was so chuffed when we woke he continued drinking it.

Following that news, this obviously creates an opening on the drum stool…

We can’t wait to get writing/recording/gigging again as a three piece so if your interested please do get in touch.

Spread the word!


Vaughan & Lewis x


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The time has come to inform you that our brother at the front, Adam Payne, has decided to leave the band.

We are obviously gutted as we’ve had great times over the last couple of years including a rockin’ album that we’re all very proud of, a kick ass video and long list of brilliant shows. However, we totally understand why he’s chosen to do it. No big bust ups in rock star fashion I’m afraid, we’re still good mates.

“I’ve loved being in the band with these boys, they truly are top, honest gentleman and welcomed me with open arms. We’ve become great friends and have had many laughs together. We will continue to support each others paths in the music industry and I, for one, will be at the front for their future shows \M/ I owe these boys a lot, they really do mean the world to me. Love you boys!!! Payne x”

We as TIDAL will continue as a three piece and we hope your amazing support may long continue. We’re busy putting together some new music to record, handling the vocal duties between us, and will be gigging at full strength in support of the new release. See you very soon.


Vaughan, Lewis and Wilkes x

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The ‘Beautiful Ugliness’ Video Has Landed!


Guys & Gals,

Check out our new music video for the fist pumping ‘Beautiful Ugliness’ on the Homepage or in the Video section.

The video was filmed and edited by Rhodri Thomas. Now he is a man with skills and I seriously recommend you check out some of his other work at http://www.youtube.com/user/2030peter

Spread the work, share the news… THE VIDEO HAS LANDED!

Vaughan, Lewis, Wilkes & Payne

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Welcome to our new home!



Hello Peeps!

Welcome to the new TIDAL HQ! We’ve got it all going on here, you really can find everything about TIDAL you’d possibly want to know;

  • Upcoming shows
  • All the latest news in our blog entries
  • Twitter and Instagram feeds allowing us to keep you updated on the move
  • The Official Tidal store; where you can buy our debut album ‘What Will Remain…’ and some super sexy tees
  • Lyrics to all the tracks on the album
  • Contact details to get in touch
  • Lewis even wanted to put nude pics up but we had to draw the line somewhere.

Big thanks goes out to pHdesignSolutions for putting all this together.

Have a poke around, let us know what you think and until next time, rock hard.

Over and out,

Vaughan, Lewis, Wilkes & Payne

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