It’s good to be back…



I’ve got be honest, whilst practice every week is great fun, nothing really beats setting up your gear in a venue and going hammer and tongs.

Valve amps really do purr like a v12 in a more open space where you can turn it up a little more (unlike practice rooms where a more confined space means the sound waves rattle around like billions of pinballs off all the walls). My jeans were flapping round like a flag in a storm standing in front of my faithful cab. If we didn’t have a show to perform I could quite happil just played the D chord we started our set with and let it ring for the full hour. Probably would have been just me that enjoyed that though. It’s been over 5 months since our previous live show so it’s good to be reunited with the beast.

The Swans4Cancer was a great event organised by good people investing their time, managing to sell out the show and raise over £1000 for Cancer research. Hats off to Mark & Crissy Christansen.

Anyway next show is the headline slot on the Friday night at Kingsfest. If you haven’t been before your missing out.

I. Can. Not. Wait.

Over & out,


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Bulletfest 2014


Two days after our show at Kingsfest 2014 we’re back down South to Abersychan to make our debut appearance at Bulletfest 2014 – 25th May 2014.

This festival picked up a bit of attention last year and having met the organizer Paul Bullet (playing with his band Deathbullet – what a huge guitar sound that band has!) at a show in Weston-Super-Mare, we’re delighted to been asked to play the festival.

This is a charity festival to raise money for CLAPA (Cleft Lip and Palate Association) and a couple of bands we’ve played with in the past are also playing, namely Black Light Machine who played with us in Bogiez, and Deathbullet I mentioned above (did I say they have a COLOSSAL guitar sound?)

Keep an eye on the link above for further details. This should be a real headbanger of a gig.


Long live the riff,

Vaughan, Lewis & Wilkes



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Kingsfest 2014 Friday night headliner… TIDAL


2014 sees us making our fourth appearance at Kingsfest. The worlds best small outdoor festival.

Seriously, these people know how to have a good time. Moshing, headbanging, full scale drink consumption, all in a tent in the heart of Wales.

We are privileged to announce that we’re making our headlining debut as a three piece. Let the riffs commence.

23rd May 2014 – The Royal Head, Llanidloes


Vaughan, Lewis & Wilkes x

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Swans4Cancer show: Our return to the stage


Our first show as a three piece will be on the 8th May 2014 at Jack Murphys on Wind Street in Swansea.

The event is a charity fundraiser for Swans4Cancer which is along running other events such as ex-Swansea City AFC players match in order to raise money for both Macmillan and Cancer Research. Great causes.

We’re very pleased to be a part of this and there a whole range of other acts on the bill, including including the Lawless Girls that breathe fire and do other cool stuff whilst not wearing very much. Sound tempting?

Lets get it on!

Vaughan, Lewis & Wilkes

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Back in the saddle

New Dawn

Here we are. A new dawn.

Following the previous news that we’re now continuing as a three piece after the departure of Payne, we’ve been hard at work applying the old songs to the new format of the band…. and there is a ton of new stuff as well.

There are riffs everywhere i’m telling you and I can’t wait for them to escape the practice room…

…so much so, we’ve got a few shows coming up next month. More details to be posted soon.

Riff out,

Vaughan, Lewis and Wilkes

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The time has come to inform you that our brother at the front, Adam Payne, has decided to leave the band.

We are obviously gutted as we’ve had great times over the last couple of years including a rockin’ album that we’re all very proud of, a kick ass video and long list of brilliant shows. However, we totally understand why he’s chosen to do it. No big bust ups in rock star fashion I’m afraid, we’re still good mates.

“I’ve loved being in the band with these boys, they truly are top, honest gentleman and welcomed me with open arms. We’ve become great friends and have had many laughs together. We will continue to support each others paths in the music industry and I, for one, will be at the front for their future shows \M/ I owe these boys a lot, they really do mean the world to me. Love you boys!!! Payne x”

We as TIDAL will continue as a three piece and we hope your amazing support may long continue. We’re busy putting together some new music to record, handling the vocal duties between us, and will be gigging at full strength in support of the new release. See you very soon.


Vaughan, Lewis and Wilkes x

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