Times of Change…Long live the Temple


Yo dudes,

You might have noticed we’ve been a little quiet over the last 6 months. In our last update we mentioned that we were on the hunt for a drummer.

The world has changed around us in the last 24 months…Jay-Z launching a music streaming service of the same name…us moving from a four piece to a trio…finding an animal of a new drummer in Joe Stirland…so we felt it a good time to re-brand.

The new name, ‘FALLEN TEMPLES’.

We’ve got new songs in the bag, our outing as Fallen Temples at Sin City was incredible fun and there are plans to record very soon…

For now though, here is a teaser of new song ‘Cut The Wire’ put to footage from the Sin City show courtesy of Taylor Bowden-Parry of wecreate.

Keep your eyes peeled, ears clean and horns at the ready. We’re coming!

Vaughan, Lewis & Stirland


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