Drummer Wanted…


Evening all,

It is with regret we announce the news that long standing sticksman Joe Wilkes has left TIDAL. No bust ups or scraps to mention I’m afraid if your looking for some gossip, he’s just decided that it’s time for him to pursue other interests.

So many good times had over the last 7 years, too many gigs to keep any kind of record of, and he drinks like an absolute machine. One of my favourite moments was seeing him wake up the morning after a heavy night at a bikers ball we played in Derby. He slept upright and woke somehow still holding a 3/4 full can of fosters looking like death, but he was so chuffed when we woke he continued drinking it.

Following that news, this obviously creates an opening on the drum stool…

We can’t wait to get writing/recording/gigging again as a three piece so if your interested please do get in touch.

Spread the word!


Vaughan & Lewis x


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