It’s good to be back…



I’ve got be honest, whilst practice every week is great fun, nothing really beats setting up your gear in a venue and going hammer and tongs.

Valve amps really do purr like a v12 in a more open space where you can turn it up a little more (unlike practice rooms where a more confined space means the sound waves rattle around like billions of pinballs off all the walls). My jeans were flapping round like a flag in a storm standing in front of my faithful cab. If we didn’t have a show to perform I could quite happil just played the D chord we started our set with and let it ring for the full hour. Probably would have been just me that enjoyed that though. It’s been over 5 months since our previous live show so it’s good to be reunited with the beast.

The Swans4Cancer was a great event organised by good people investing their time, managing to sell out the show and raise over £1000 for Cancer research. Hats off to Mark & Crissy Christansen.

Anyway next show is the headline slot on the Friday night at Kingsfest. If you haven’t been before your missing out.

I. Can. Not. Wait.

Over & out,


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