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Vaughan’s Top 10 Tracks of 2014

vaughans-top-10-tracks-of-2014 2014 Has been a good year for new rock music so I thought I’d share my favourite releases with you, which you might also like if you’re a fan of Tidal. Here goes… 10. DOWN...Read... Read more

Lewis’s Top 5 Bassists

lewiss-top-5-bassists The following list is of my top 5 favourite bass players. They have in some way influenced my style or bass sound over the years. 5) Flea – Red Hot Chilli Peppers Flea may not...Read more Read more

Vaughan’s Top 5 Guitarists

vaughans-top-5-guitarists These five guys all have very unique qualities but all of which have a strand of something running through them that has struck a chord in me (no pun intended), and how I approach the...Read more... Read more

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